My Philosophy

Life is just like driving a car. We are the one behind the wheel, so we have "full control" of how we gonna drive the car and where we gonna go. We got to "know our destination" and plan our route. Some plans are just perfect and some perfect plans would still have to go through some challenges...bumpy roads, traffic jams, pit holes, minor crashes etc. In facing this challenges, decisions have to be make either to continue or to turn back. No matter whatever the decisions we make, they are the right decisions and never fell into regret modes. Regret is just the worst form of distress one can be in...

If we decided to turn back, doesn't mean we'll never reach our destination. Replan our journey. If we decided to continue driving, going through the challenges ahead, we may have to make more decisions along the way...making turns, choosing alternative routes and so on. There is no such thing as wrong decision...only lesson learned.

Once a while before starting our journey or even while driving, we need to take a look at the rear mirrors, just long enough for us to move forward. Never take longer that it should because we may hit something in front and hurt others or even ourselves.

There is no real pleasure in life other than "peace in our heart". Life....the fact remains, we own nothing in this world other than what we suppose to have. What is not ours can never be ours, and what's ours will always be ours. Live our life and be thankful at all time.

There is no need to change the world because it is already going the way it suppose to be, as planned by the Al Mighty. Just go along with it, make and do the best of everything.

Life is just to too short to fill our heart with ill feelings : hatred, revenge, arrogance, dissatisfaction, ungrateful and anger. Forgive ourselves and forgive others everyday. Pray for the best of others, even to those who treat us badly. Positively and favorably prejudge everyone, everybody and everything in this world as everything is a gift.

No matter who we are, whether we are the rich or the poor, whether we hold high post, low or no post in the society we associated in, whether we are leaders or followers, whether we are the kings or peasants, whether we are the intellectuals or the mediocre...we all will end up the same...dead. And to the believers, we will all be judged. No special treatment, no ranks, no status...ALL THE SAME.

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