On The Way

"On The Way" is also my favorite phrase when I'm not so sure when I'm gonna deliver, arrive or get certain things done :-)  I've got all these in my mind but haven't really got the time to pen them down. So keep on visiting or subscribe to my blog to keep updated on upcoming articles. The ON THE WAYS as follows:-

1. 1Malaysia, What it Really Needs - My Thoughts

Since I was a kid, I always believe in unity. As I previously wrote in Malaysia's Look East Policy, I truly believe Malaysia has a huge potential in becoming a great nation. We just need to be ONE. Question is what it really takes and at what costs....This would probably take a while for me to write...:-)

2, Piling Up Domestic Fixed Cost bills in Digital World
 I remember those days when every time I received my pay cheque, I just need to worry predominantly my variable expenditures which I can control..food, petrol, holidays etc.... But as life becoming more complex in this digital world or information age. The hunger and crave for more and speedy information and spontaneous or realtime communication had added up to the monthly bills...mobile, mobile data, internet, satelite TV etc...

3.  Men's World, Women Rule  

I'm so tempted to write this. I know many gonna either hate or love me for this :-). What you think?

4. Nothing Stays On Top Forever

In my earlier article titled "Never Too Late" , I gave the examples of forgotten brands which are replaced by new ones. In another article titled "Malaysia's Look East Policy...." I highlighted the shift of household brands over the last 30 years. This time I be compiling as many as I could just to make it a point that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE..